More than just offensive security.

Airglow Security specialises in offensive security and cybersecurity services with a team that offers years of experience in a broad range of technical and computer-related fields to give you better findings and solutions. Airglow prides itself not just the vulnerabilies we find but also our collaborative approach to ensure our clients get the most out of remediation post-assessments.


Penetration testing gives an in-depth look to help you find, understand and fix your vulnerabilities.

We offer both white and black box penetration testing. Regardless of which approach is preferred, this in-depth look will check the logic of systems and applications, and manually comb them forvulnerabilities. The benefits of a penetration test can be realised no matter the current security posture or maturity level it is at.

Red teaming, phishing, social engineering and adversary simulation exercises emulate real-world attackers to create a realistic scenario of attack that will stress test an organisation’s defensive capability to varying degrees. They are designed to assess the effectiveness of an organisation’s digital defences and policies to work out how safe their assets really are.

These services are for mature entities who’ve been thoroughly tested and that want to stress test the resilience of their systems, policies and physical security as well as scrutinize the defences around their high-value assets.

Secure architecture review is designed to catch design weaknesses before the development phase to ensure your designs are made with security in mind.

This service also checks implementations and configurations of networks and 3rd party applications where penetration testing and source code is not possible to ensure there aren’t any implementation flaws that could lead to vulnerabilities. The benefits of sanity checking designs and configurations are useful in all stages from design to delivery.

Secure code review puts applications under a microscope to find weak links and vulnerabilities and can be performed as a service or in conjunction with penetration tests to amplify its effectiveness.

Secure code reviews can be performed at multiple points of an application's lifecycle to promote secure coding best practices and act as a safeguard to sanity check the application before release. Secure code reviews can also be performed on mature applications, feature enhancements as well as validate the effectiveness of security hotfixes and patching that may be performed during an application's life.

Vulnerability assessments are an invaluable way to to get a high-level understanding of your security and start improving your security posture.

Vulnerability assessments check your systems, policies and configurations for common issues, it's suitable for those implementing new applications and systems, or for those who are just starting their journey to improving their security posture.


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