About Airglow

Airglow Security is a Canberra-based cybersecurity boutique started by a group of experienced penetration testers and offensive security professionals with a strong technical focus.

We strongly believe that remediating vulnerabilities is just as important as finding them. Airglow aims to not only find our client's vulnerabilities, but to provide them with well-considered and tailored remediation advice to ensure that they have peace of mind and are empowered to remediate with confidence. Airglow prides itself on the holistic and measured approach we take.

Internally, Airglow's focus is fostering a culture that encourages talent and creativity which rewards people for pursuing their passion in security by further cultivating their skills. We firmly believe a happy and passionate team leads to growth, more fulfillment and quality outcomes!

Whether you want to work with us or for us, we look forward to hearing from you.