working with airglow.

An infosec company for techs, by techs!

Why Us

Why us?


We believe that great and fulfilling work comes from a deep and holistic understanding.

Airglow strives to encourages talent and creativity by ensuring your have the time and resources to learn, research and grow. Your training budget will accrue over time and always be transparent to you. You will know exactly how much you're entitled to at any time, just like you would know your leave!

Our Culture

We love people who are passionate about learning and mastery for the sake of it!

If you're passionate about security, the community, and learning, you'll be in good company!


The community brings like-minded people together, helps new starters learn and teaches old dogs new tricks.

We love the infosec community for what it does and aim to support the community where we can. We love conferences, meetups and CTFs and regularly attend as well as support them finacially and in kind. Our director runs a conference as well as helps several others. We practice what we value!



We're always on the lookout for talent and we'd love to hear from you!

Tip: If you're just starting out, show us your passion with challenges or projects you've tried or completed such as from HTB, pentesterlab, etc.